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We all have those days where we feel upset. We feel like nothing will help us to calm down. I have learned some dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills and found that meditation works. For me, it works best with music.

Music always  helps me to calm down.

I will walk you through it. 

First: Pick music that is calm and peaceful. You don’t want hard rock or any music that is not uplifting. You want music that will take you away from any stress or problems. What I use is instrumental music. I love Celtic hymns, they are very soothing.

Second: You will find that closing your eyes will help you to meditate on the music better. Focus on a safe place that you find peaceful and just imagine yourself there. Imagine yourself by a river and imagine you can hear the water flowing by. Stay there for a while, let the river take you away.

Third: Now that you have your peaceful spot, take a slow deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on your breathing. Let your thoughts come in and go out but don’t focus on them. Let the thoughts just be thoughts and let them go. 

Fourth: Stay in your peaceful spot. Relmusicax and don’t focus on how much time you have or any other worry. Just be in that peaceful spot. The more time you focus on your peaceful place, the more relaxed you become.

Fifth: When you are done and ready to come out of your peaceful place, slowly come back in touch with your body and get reconnected to your surroundings. You will be coming back very  peaceful and calm.

I know this works, I have used it many times. It has helped me when I feel I am at my wits end and feel I have no place to go. I turn to my music and I let it take me away. I look for my peaceful place and I get lost there for a while.

I hope this works for you and that you can find your peace. I know for sure that music has a big impact on people and different music affects people differently. I know that what I listen to has an impact on me and I have found I have to be careful of what I listen to. I hope this has helped you to find your peace.